Top 5 Free SEO tips that can change your life forever

Technology XtendTop 5 Free SEO tips that can change your life forever

Top 5 Free SEO tips that can change your life forever are Content is king, Create backlinks, SEO Friendly URL, Dynamic Website and Meta Tags. The content you have on the website should be relevant, fresh and unique. Backlinks are important and should be there. The URL, website and Meta tags should be changed if required.


» Content is king


Content is king, and if you can't write well, you're going to struggle with SEO. The first thing that needs to be said about content is that it should be original; if anyone else can find the same information elsewhere on the internet, then you don't need to publish anything at all.
Next, make sure that your content is as focused as possible; this might sound obvious but some writers are prone to rambling off into tangents when they get excited while writing. The reader will lose interest very quickly if they feel like they're being led around in circles by a storyteller who has lost track of where they began or where they should go next.
Finally, look after spelling and grammar: no one wants their site listed as spam because half of their readers have been driven away by bad English skills!

» Create backlinks


Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. They’re a way for the search engines to find and rank your content by determining how popular it is on the internet.
Google wants to know what people think about your site, so backlinks help Google determine this. This is why creating high quality backlinks is such an important part of SEO: It helps Google understand what others are saying about you, which in turn helps them rank you higher in their search results. Backlinks can be created by having other reputable sites link to yours, writing guest posts on related blogs (where they will usually link back to your website), writing high quality articles that are shared on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter and more!


» SEO Friendly URL


One of the most important ways to improve your SEO ranking is to use SEO friendly URLs. This means that the URL structure of your website should be clear and easy for search engines to understand. The best way you can do this is by keeping your URL short and descriptive, as well as avoiding irrelevant keywords or unnecessary information such as www, .com or .org at the beginning of each page's URL. 
If you have a blog on WordPress, it will automatically create an easily readable URL structure for every blog post when writing new content through WordPress’s editor interface (the post editor). In addition to this automatic functionality, there are also several plugins available which allow users more control over how they want their URLs created within WordPress’s database system – allowing them even more flexibility when creating pages or posts on their site!


» Dynamic Website


Dynamic websites are websites that are created by computer programs, as opposed to static HTML pages. These dynamic websites can be edited online and even contain live content that is updated every time a user visits your site. The more dynamic your website is, the more opportunities there are for search engines like Google to find and index it.
Dynamic content can also help improve user experience for visitors who land on your site. This could be anything from keeping track of which products they’ve already viewed in an e-commerce store to showing off relevant news articles based on their interests as determined by their IP address or location information provided by a mobile device’s WiFi network connection.


» Meta Tags


Meta tags are the snippets of code that you see in a search engine result. They are the titles and descriptions of your page, as well as any other relevant information about a web page. Metadata is what differentiates what is unique about your website from others on the same topic. These keywords need to be relevant, but also not too specific so as not to narrow down your audience base too much. If you have tried some other SEO strategies and they haven't worked, this may be why: meta tags need updating regularly!

Use the above tips to make a difference in your website search results. You have to be realistic about what you can achieve with SEO and put in place a strategy that will work for your business.